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There is a reason why we are the #1 Choice for vehicle modification in Gallatin Valley. With years of quality service to our customers, we know what it takes to get it done right. Let us transform your vehicle into everything you ever wanted and more.

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Original Restoration & Resto-Mods

Mechanical, Alignments

& Suspension

Performance & Dynamometer Services

Trail Vehicle Outfitting

Complete Vechicle Builds


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  • Original Restoration & Resto-Mods

    Restoring a classic or muscle car back to period-correct condition presents unique challenges and these projects often require reversing several decades worth of subpar repairs.  Likewise, with cars of this era, parts can be difficult to find or are no longer available. Fortunately, we have the experience and resources necessary to restore your classic back to your goal whether it’s driver quality or show-quality condition.


    In order to uncover all potential problem areas, we start with a complete disassembly of the vehicle during the frame-off  restoration process when necessary. Through our extensive network of suppliers we can track down hard-to-find parts like emblems, hood ornaments, and trim pieces. In the event that these items can’t be found, we have the resources and fabrication ability to restore rare original parts, or build new ones from scratch. While we specialize in complete restorations, we also offer a variety of stand-alone services for your project. Whether your classic car is in need of metal work, a custom paint job, suspension repair, an engine rebuild, or some electrical help, Dark Horse Customs can help you pull off the car cover and get back on the road.

  • Mechanical, Alignments & Suspension

    There are a variety of approaches available for your vehicle’s mechanical restoration… everything from a simple tune up to full mechanical upgrades. We provide concise estimates, and our quality assurance process lets our customers know that we will exceed their restoration expectations. In addition, the same technician that completes the mechanical work provides continuity from the very beginning of the process and assists in the development of the labor and parts estimate.



    - Full mechanical restoration of stock systems.

    - Complete system upgrades.

    - Stock mechanical system upgrades

    (i.e. suspension and brake systems).

    - Engine swaps (such as rebuilds or crate engine installations).

    - Fuel system restorations

    - Tune ups and engine calibration.

    - Electrical system restoration or troubleshooting.

    - Complete A/C system installation.

    - Air ride system installation.

  • Performance & Dynamometer Services

    You’ve invested in your vehicle but every time you drive it down the road you feel like you are leaving horsepower at the last light.  At Dark Horse Customs, we’ll make sure your engine reaches its full potential. If you have a carbureted classic and want to make a few changes to get it perfect or if you want to upgrade to modern fuel injection, we can handle that also. Our State-of- the Art Dynojet Dynamometer gives us all the tools to make sure it is running perfect. We treat every vehicle with the care and dedication that we would want for our own car. We have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of performance upgrade components for gas or diesel vehicles. Give us a call to find the right electronic power adder, exhaust, air intake, supercharger, or turbo  for your vehicle.  In addition to optimizing your car, you’ll get the bragging rights that come with it—you’ll know exactly what kind of power the car is making. Information like that allows you to enjoy your classic or modern just a little bit more. And that’s the point.

  • Trail Vehicle Outfitting

    From rock crawling or trail riding, to fishing or hunting, to just plain camping, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your off-road vehicle.  We provide you with a number of options for space problems to vehicle function and durability like self-recovery winches, gears and locking or limited slip differentials.  Our collective skills and abilities also allow us to design and produce custom components that rival the wildest of imaginations.  We fabricate complete custom roll cages, bumpers, rock rails, dashes, tunnels and everything one might expect of a fabrication facility.  All of our solutions are great and none involve significant compromise.

  • Complete Vehicle Builds

    Our team is filled with diverse and talented professionals.  This allows us to tackle any project and turn your ideas into reality.  Check out our builds page to see some of the vehicles that we are showcasing.  While this list includes many of our top-tier builds and restorations, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that no job is too big or too small for us.   Contact us today to consult with a custom designer on staff to help you design your classic, custom or modified vehicle and we’ll pull it all together to get you on the road.

  • Accessories

    Let us help guide you in choosing the best products to customize your 4x4, truck and UTV to the exact way that you want it.  We offer great prices on a wide variety of bumpers, lighting, wheels, tires, steps, storage solutions and so much more to assure you are getting our best every day and are getting what you want or need as quickly as possible.